THE LOOKS  PROFESSIONAL SALON & ACADEMY reveres beauty in every function and form, our delightful beauty treatments are set to enhance your femininity with superior expertise and technical excellence – to bring your body back to nirvana.
Our team of enthusiastic and experienced beauticians appreciates all taste and budgets and are at your attention for all your beauty and wellness essentials.
From glamorous cocktail party look to casual everyday indulgence, bridal make up to hair styling, face and body care, beauty  and get introduced to a more beautiful you!
THE LOOKS  PROFESSIONAL SALON & ACADEMY  is recognized for its unique blend of both edge and elegance and with our modern and relaxed style we have developed a global reputation in both the hair dressing industry and skin care .our education team offers fully bespoke training programmes to many  other hair dressers with teaching courses that can be uniquely tailored to any level of experience in the country .our stylists and colour technicians are one of the best creative talents in the world of hair dressing industry.